Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are now available for the 2020-21 flu season.  We have important changes to our process, so make sure you read all of this information before scheduling.

  • We have a limited number of nasal spray flu vaccines (Flumist) available this year.  These are for patients only, not for parents.  When you schedule your child's appointment, you can put in your preference for the nasal spray version.  If you sign yoru child up for the nasal vaccine, a questionnaire will show up on your portal a day or two beforehand so we can confirm that the child is a candidate.  You MUST fill out the questionnaire BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT. Click HERE for a list of the contraindications and precautions regarding the nasal flu vaccine.
  • We have not yet received our allotment of flu vaccines from the state for the VFC (Vaccines For Children) program.  We will post here when it arrives so that our patients without insurance and those with AHCCCS can schedule their appointments.
  • We are again offering the vaccine to parents (but not the nasal version).  All parents must fill out THIS FORM and bring it to the appointment in order to get the vaccine and call us after scheduling so we can verify your insurance.  Any parent who has not received a vaccine from us in the past will have to add themselves as a patient to their child's existing portal account (the add patient function says "Child" but that's still the right place to add yourself).
  • We will be giving the flu vaccines as a drive through service.  There will be signs directing traffic for flu vaccines to the back of the building where staff will come out to your vehicle to administer the vaccines.
  • Please make sure that everyone over two is wearing a mask and that those getting a shot wear clothing that makes their arms and legs easily accessible.
  • If the driver of the vehicle is going to get the injectable version, they will have to pull into a parking spot after receiving the vaccine and wait for 10 minutes before driving off.

You can schedule an appointment for flu vaccine online on our Patient Portal.  If you already have an appointment scheduled (like for a preventive visit) then you don't need to schedule a separate one for flu vaccine.  If you are a parent and would like to get flu vaccine at our office and have never done so before, you will need to register yourself as a patient first using your child's existing portal account.  Then you can schedule yourself to get the vaccine at the same time as your child.

Information About Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccination is recommended for all people 6 months of age and older.  The flu vaccine is offered in injectable and nasal spray forms.

Those who are at highest risk from the flu (and therefore for whom we most strongly recommend the vaccine) are:

  • children aged 6 months to 5 years
  • children and adolescents who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy and, therefore, might be at risk for experiencing Reye syndrome with influenza virus infection
  • women who will be pregnant during the influenza season
  • adults and children who have chronic disorders of the pulmonary or cardiovascular systems, including asthma (hypertension is not considered a high-risk condition)
  • adults and children who have required regular medical follow-up or hospitalization during the preceding year because of chronic metabolic diseases (including diabetes mellitus), renal dysfunction, hemoglobinopathies, or immunodeficiency (including immunodeficiency caused by medications or by human immunodeficiency virus [HIV])
  • adults and children who have any condition that can compromise respiratory function or the handling of respiratory secretions or that can increase the risk for aspiration (e.g., cognitive dysfunction, spinal cord injuries, seizure disorders, or other neuromuscular disorders).
  • residents of nursing homes and other chronic-care facilities that house persons of any age who have chronic medical conditions
  • persons aged >65 years

Also, a flu vaccine is strongly recommended for any household contact of any of the people listed above and for anyone who works in health care.

Children under 9 years of age who have not received at least 2 doses of flu vaccine in the past are recommended to get 2 doses this year, at least 4 weeks apart.