Infection Control Protocols

Mesquite Pediatrics has been continuously revising our infection control protocols as new information on the virus becomes available and as we follow the trends in the outbreak. This means that many patients have been canceled, scheduled, and rescheduled. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you will bear with us as we have been making these changes to maximize everyone's safety when coming to our office. Our current policies are listed below.

  • Preventive appointments - We are working on bringing in all of the patients who have had their well checks delayed so we can catch up and ensure everyone is receiving their immunizations and other preventive services in a timely manner. The beginning of the day will be for patients who are not sick (more on that below). If either the patient scheduled for the well check or the family member who is bringing them is sick, the visit will be postponed.
  • Telemedicine - This is a way that we can connect with patients who are at home and do "virtual visits" with them over a connection with a smart phone, tablet, or computer with a microphone and camera. At this point, we use telemedicine as a form of triage . Anyone who calls about a sick child and wants an appointment will first be seen by telemedicine to determine if they really need an in person appointment. Those who do will be scheduled to come in at 4 :00 or later. This allows us to keep many sick patients at home where they are safe, also reducing the risk of exposures in the office. Rest assured that anyone who wants to come in for a sick visit in person will not be refused an appointment at the office.
  • No potentially contagious visits until 4:00 - All appointments before 4:00 will be for patients who are not showing any signs of contagious illness. These will primarily consist of well checks, follow-up visits, and non-contagious illness or injuries. For the majority of the day, there will be no sick people in the office at all.
  • Appointments 4:00 and later - Starting at 4:00, one of the doctos in the office will see everyone who is scheduled for a sick visit. From that point on, that doctor will not see anyone for a well visit to ensure they don't expose anyone to anything they may have come in contact with from a sick visit The other doctor in the office will continue seeing well checks at the other end of the hall so that they are physically separated from anyone who is sick.
  • Waiting room - We are no longer using our waiting room. When patients arrive at our office, they wait in their vehicle in our parking lot and call the front desk to let us know they are waiting. When an exam room is availalbe, one of our staff comes to their vehicle and escorts them directly to their exam room. All exam rooms are disinfected thoroughly between patients.
  • Personal Protective Equipment - all staff wears coveralls that can be changed in the event of a concerning exposure and to help ensure that they themselves don't get sick. (Please don't judge us by our looks in these outfits). To prevent exposure, all clinical staff wears gloves, masks, and goggles. We have even more protective outfits available for any procedures that carry increased risk of exposure.
  • Family members - We want to keep the number of people in the office to a minimum. We ask that as few family members accompany the scheduled patient as possible so please, only one parent and no siblings if possible. Any family member who is sick should not come to the appointment. Patients and family members 2 years of age and above are required to wear a mask while in the office.

Obviously the health and safety of our patients and staff are our highest priority. We feel that with the above changes we have reduced the risk of contagion within the office, while still being available to see our patients who need to be seen. We are constantly reassessing the situation and will make further changes as appropriate.

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