Social Distancing

A lot has been said lately about social distancing.  The doctors at Mesquite Pediatrics are concerned that we have not yet taken enough measures to control the spread of the virus.  So we are recommending that everyone shelter in place, meaning do not leave your home unless absolutely necessary.  Our governor has now issued a stay at home order beginning at 5pm 3/31/2020, which is in line of what we have been recommending.  Here are a couple of resources:

  • This article is by a pediatrician and discusses social distancing for our children as schools are closed.  It gives a good explanation as to why it is so important.  Click Here
  • This link is to a video by a pediatrician who runs a site called Girlology.  It is focused on raising girls, but this video applies to all teens and includes advice from an adolescent medicine specialist on how to help your teenagers understand and get through this difficult time of social distancing.  Click Here