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Flu vaccine is here!  Click on our Flu Vaccines page for more information and to schedule your appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccine update:  the FDA has now approved the new Pfizer bivalent COVID-19 vaccine for everyone 5 years and older.  We have it available for everyone 12 years and older and expect to receive the version for 5-11 years later this week.  Go to our COVID-19 Vaccines page to schedule.

If the links to the patient portal on this page keep going to our old portal (Intelichart), it's probably because your device has an old version saved in its cache.  If you clear your cache, that should fix the problem.  Or you can just click here:  New Portal

Formula shortage - are you struggling to find formula for your baby?  Specialty formulas are especially difficult to find.  Click HERE to download a cheat sheet that shows different categories of formula and which formulas can be used as substitutes if you can't find the specific formula your baby usually takes.

COVID-19 Information:

  • If you have questions about COVID-19 vaccines, see our FAQ for more information, or go to our COVID-19 Vaccines page to schedule an appointment.

  • Testing - We have rapid COVID-19 tests available at our office, though supplies are often limited.  We do not test people who are not our patients and we cannot test parents.  See our COVID-19 rapid test page for more information.  To get a test, your child will first have an appointment with the doctor, who will determine if testing is appropriate.

  • Isolation and Quarantine - we've written a handout to help people navigate this often confusion subject.  Click HERE to download it.  More information is also available on the CDC website at their CDC Isolation and Quarantine page.

  • For more information about Coronavirus, check out our Coronavirus page.

What's else is new?

  • Flu Vaccines are available, with scheduling through the portal.  Click the link for information on how to schedule.

  • TELEMEDICINE - click the link if you have a scheduled telemedicine appointment during the week or if you've been instructed by the doctor on call after hours to log in to the weekend waiting room

  • Plant trees just by exercising!  Go to our AtlasGO Page, where you can learn how trees can be planted every time you get outside for a run, hike, walk, or bike ride.

  • Check out Our Blog, where we will provide updates as they occur

  • New financial policy for phone calls and portal messages


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