2350 N. Kibler Place

Tucson, AZ 85712

(520) 648-5437

If you can't get through, please call our
answering service directly at (520) 570-7881.

Telemedicine Visits

We offer telemedicine visits during the week by appointment and as needed telemedicine visits on weekends

For appointments Monday through Friday, click on the doctor you are here to see (if you don't already have an appointment scheduled, please call the office first)

If you would like to request a telemedicine visit on the weekend, call the doctor on call first (just call our office number at 520-648-5437 and ask the answering service to contact the doctor on call). If the doctor is available for telemedicine and a visit is needed, they will instruct you to log in to the weekend waiting room and they will connect with you shortly.