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Your child’s health is important, and choosing a pediatrician provides the foundation for taking care of your child’s health.

Why Your Child Needs a Pediatrician

Children experience illness differently than adults. A child’s immune system is not as fully developed as that of an adult. When a child develops an illness, the symptoms can be severe. A pediatrician is an expert at treating children and can help prevent and treat childhood illnesses.

What To Expect During a Pediatric Visit

During a pediatric visit, your pediatrician will perform a comprehensive physical examination and order any lab work or imaging studies necessary. Your pediatrician will also treat any illnesses or medical conditions at the visit.

Another important part of your child’s pediatric visit is making sure your child is current on immunizations. Your pediatrician can administer any needed vaccines to protect your child’s health.

Medical Conditions and Illnesses Your Pediatrician Can Treat

Your child’s pediatrician can diagnose and treat:

  • Viruses, including a cold or flu
  • Bacterial infections, including strep throat and ear infections
  • Cuts, bruises, abrasions, and other skin injuries

Additional Services Provided by a Pediatrician

Your pediatrician provides many important services, including

  • Behavioral and developmental screenings for ADHD, learning disabilities, and other developmental issues
  • Long-term treatment of chronic conditions including asthma and allergies
  • Performing school and sports physicals, which are required for your child to attend school and play a sport
  • Emergency treatment for injuries and acute illnesses

How To Choose the Right Pediatrician for Your Child

There are several factors to consider when choosing a pediatrician. You want a pediatrician who is:

Easy to talk with–you will have many questions as a parent, and you need a pediatrician who takes time to answer them.

Caring and compassionate–you want a pediatrician you can trust and who cares about your child’s health.

Close to home–you need a pediatrician who is close to your home, so you can access medical care easily and conveniently.

To learn more about the services available from your pediatrician, call Mesquite Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ at (520) 648-5437.

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