Fruit is good for you, right? Not always...

It's time for some non-COVID information.  In general, fruit is thought of as healhy to eat and that you basically can't really eat too much of it. But it turns out that's not entirely true.  Some fruits have high sugar (fructose) content without the benefits of high fiber.  The importance of the fiber is that it is good for the health of the intestinal tract, fills you up without adding calories, and helps maintain a more steady blood sugar, which controls hunger and decreases overall calorc intake.  The problem with fructose is that it raises blood sugar and also raises cholesterol and triglycerides.  The article linked below has more information and a chart that can be helpful.  People who are trying to lose weight or who have borderline or high cholesterol or triglycerides might want to limit their intake of foods in the blue area of the chart and increase their intake of those in the green area.

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