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Getting (re-)started

Getting (re-)started

So it seems this is a good time to get started once again on our blog. There’s a lot going on out there. Obviously the subject on everyone’s mind is Coronavirus. We do have several pages with information on our website about the Coronavirus, including some basics, our office’s new infection control protocols in response to the pandemic, the importance of social distancing, and help in explaining what is going on to young children.


One thing we are doing in response to the outbreak is starting to use telemedicine. This is a way that we can keep patients out of the office who don’t actually need an in-person visit. This is something that we have intended to do for a while and we decided that now is the time. It’s going to be much more convenient for people to be able to connect with us and have a visit without driving to our office, waiting in our waiting room, etc.


We plan to continue to post to this blog, hopefully once or twice a week for now. We will be providing updates about what is going on in the office and the community. Also, we recognize there’s a lot of bad news and negativity out there, along with a lot of fear. So we will try to include positive stories whenever we have something like that to share. Subscribe or check back here often!


Jeff Couchman, MD