Help with Kids Under Stay at Home Orders

I know we are all experiencing stress with COVID-19, whether its medical, financial, or emotional. Learning physical distancing and sheltering at home is a new concept in our country, but the data shows that it works and can help keep us safe. For many parents, my family included, there are concerns about keeping your family safe while balancing work and helping educate your children. I know this is a tough balance, but we will adjust, balance all these things, and become stronger in the end. Hopefully, your children will look back at this as special time where they got to spend time with you and your family bond strengthens.


I wanted to stress the importance of emotional well-being. This is not only important for yourself, but also for your children. There is more information coming out daily about this and we will add in more links for you to reference. Making or sticking to routines are going to be a key to success. It maybe helpful for you to sit down as a family and make the schedule together. This way everyone is on the same page and your children feel they can have input as well. Being anxious is understandable, but learning when and how you express those concerns will be important to minimize the exposure to your children.



While we recommend sheltering at home, we do want you to get out of the house. Taking walks, playing outdoors (while distancing from others), and other forms of physical activity in or around your house are important for the whole family. Trying new activities, playing new games like setting up outdoor scavenger hunts will he helpful in our emotional well-being. For parents trying to balance this new way of life, I wanted to give some links to resources for activities that you can have your children do or you do with them. There are free resources for learning, reading, and access to museums/zoos online.



I wanted to share a couple pictures of my kids engaging in some fun activities at home. My daughter finished a sticker by number art project. My kids in our daily indoor exercise activities trying to challenge mom and dad in our flexibility.


Nicole Abdy, MD


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