Kids' Workout Ideas for Home

Trying to find ways to keep your children (and yourself) active during the shelter at home orders can be difficult. This week I was surfing the web trying to find different activities to do with my kids because they are growing bored of our daily walks. The current recommendations for physical exercise for children by age: (


  • 1-3 years: at least 60 min of unstructured (free play) physical activity, at least 30 min should be structured (planned by adult)

  • 5-21 years: 60 min of physical activity each day, most of that time should be moderate or vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity. 3 days per week should be vigorous, 3 days a week should be muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activity


Here are some ideas:

Fun family fitness article:




Workout apps:


Free workout websites:


Lets keep our kids healthy!

Nicole Abdy, MD


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