Weekend Telemedicine

Kids don't just get sick Monday through Friday.  So we are excited to offer telemedicine sick visits on weekends from 9-11am and 3-5pm both Saturday and Sunday.  This gives families with sick kids the option of checking in with one of the doctors at Mesquite Pediatrics without waiting for Monday to come around.  It allows people to get care from a pediatrician they know and trust instead of only having the option of going to a retail-based clinic (i.e. Minute Clinic) or urgent care center where they would likely see a nurse practitioner who doesn't know their child and doesn't have access to their medical history.  To use this option, just go to our home page and click the telemedicine link near the top.  Then click on the "Weekend Waiting Room" to connect to the telemedicine site.  The doctor will connect with you shortly!

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