The Importance of Well Child Exams

Taking care of your child requires a lot of work, especially when they’re sick. It’s important to take all the steps you can to help your child avoid sickness so that they’re healthy and it makes it easier on you to take preventative steps in your child’s healthcare. One way that you can help take care of your child is with regular well-child exams. Dr. Jeff Couchman, Dr. Susan McMahon, and Dr. Nicole Abdy, your pediatricians at Mesquite Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ, can explain the importance of well-child exams and what they can do for your child’s health.

The Importance of Well-Child Exams

You obviously know that it’s important to bring your child to their pediatrician when they’re sick, but it’s important to know that’s not the only time they should visit. It’s crucial that you bring your child in for well-child exams when they aren’t sick so that they can hopefully stay that way. With well-child exams, your pediatrician can help take steps to prevent your child from dealing with certain issues and illnesses.

During these exams, your child’s pediatrician can look for signs of other issues that may need to be dealt with. The sooner your child starts treatment, typically the easier something is to treat.

It’s also important to have these exams to ensure that your child is up to date on things like immunizations. This helps protect your child from certain illnesses that are preventable. This keeps your child healthy and happy for longer.

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