Newborn Care: Questions for Your Pediatrician

When you are the parent of a newborn, there is no such thing as a dumb question. At Mesquite Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Jeff Couchman, Dr. Susan McMahon, and Dr. Nicole Abdy are ready to ease any concerns you may have about taking care of your newborn. From a reasonable feeding schedule, to what to expect if your baby catches a cold, you can ask a pediatrician all types of questions when you bring your newborn in for a physical or wellness visit. If you have questions about feeding, diapering, bathing, or medical needs, it is important that you ask these questions so that you can be provided with any resources if necessary to take good care of your newborn.

Common Questions for Your Pediatrician

Once your baby is born, you will want to schedule with a pediatrician within a few days of your child being born. It is useful to find a pediatrician before you give birth, as this will make it easier for you to schedule an appointment when the time comes. If this is your first baby, you might ask some of the following questions:

  • How do I know when my baby is done eating?
  • How often does a baby normally nap?
  • How do I burp the baby?
  • What does a normal night of sleep look like?
  • Should I wake my baby up to eat?

Understand that you may have many questions for a pediatrician, and you probably won't remember everything if you don't write it down. Pediatricians understand the fears of new parents, and you don't have to be afraid to ask even the smallest of questions.

What Should I Watch Out for With Newborn Care?

If your baby is crying excessively, appears to be in pain, or develops a fever, or rash, it's important to call the pediatrician's office for further advice. Whenever you feel that something is wrong with your newborn, it is always best to call to determine what the issue is. Babies can be fussy, and it is difficult to take care of a tiny human in the first few weeks of life when you aren't used to it. Pay attention to your baby's eating and sleeping habits to determine if any changes are occurring.

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If you have newborn care questions, our treatment team is ready with answers. Contact Mesquite Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ at (520) 648-5437, and set up an appointment with Dr. Couchman, Dr. McMahon, or Dr. Abdy today. When you are concerned about taking care of your newborn, it's time to sit down with a pediatrician who can answer any questions you might have.

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