Covid 19 And Flu Vaccines

What does the Coronavirus have to do with flu vaccines?  Well, in the coming weeks, it is likely that hospitals will become overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.  Therefore, any addional illnesses requiring medicaiton attention will just stress the system further.  So any illness that we can prevent in these unprecendented times is important.  If your child has not received a flu vaccine this year, PLEASE considering getting one.  Whether you believe it is a good vaccine or not, the fact is that it reduces the risk of flu illness in kids by 50% this year and reduces the risk of severe illness by more.  If fewer children get the flu, then fewer of the elderly will get the flu.  There is irrefutable evidence of these facts.  Plus, anyone who gets the flu will be even more susceptible to Covid-19, with a greater likelihood of life-threatening illness, even in children.  We do have flu vaccines available so please call to schedule an appointment to get the vaccine during our morning well visit hours.  We will even be giving the vaccine in our parking lot, so that people do not have to enter the building.

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