COVID-19 Vaccine Drive Through

We are sorry but our COVID-19 vaccine drive through clinic for 5-11 year olds has filled.  We are working on getting more doses so that we can make it available for our patients in the office.  We will post here and on our home page when we have more doses available for scheduling.



We are expecting full emergency use authorization and recommendation for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children 5-11 years of age by November 3rd.  We have secured 300 doses in anticipation of this authorization and are scheduling for a drive-through vaccination clinic this Sunday morning (November 7th) for all patients who are 5-11 years old.  Anyone who schedules will also be scheduled for a follow-up dose 3 weeks later on November 28th at the same time.  We also plan to have the vaccine available on weekdays (once we can get more supply) in the office over the following weeks for those who cannot make it those weekends.  However, we anticipate November 7th and 28th will be our only weekend, drive-through clinics for this age group.  We will only be providing COVID-19 vaccinations at the drive-through clinic.  While co-administration of influenza vaccine with COVID-19 vaccine is safe, we will not be offering both at that time.  Anyone who wants their child to receive the vaccines at the same time can wait and schedule for an appointment during the week instead.

Please be aware that if the CDC does not give their recommendation before this weekend, we will not be having the drive-through clinic and you SHOULD NOT SHOW UP.

Click the following link to schedule (if you have more than 1 child, please complete the scheduling process for each child):  COVID-19 5-11 Year Drive Through Scheduling