Mask Exemption Policy

Properly wearing masks safely and effectively slows the transmission of the Coronavirus. In anticipation of schools reopening and families requesting exemptions from mask requirements for attending school, Mesquite Pediatrics has developed the following mask exemption policy:

  • Exemptions for respiratory diseases, such as asthma, are not recommended and are only necessary in very rare circumstances. We feel strongly that if a child has such significant respiratory disease that he/she is truly unable to wear a mask safely, he/she should not attend school in-person if at all possible. If a child’s respiratory status is so severe, then he or she would be at very high risk of complications and/or death if child were to contract COVID-19. So in general we are not comfortable providing such an exemption.

  • Requests for exemptions for other medical reasons may be appropriate for some children (severely autistic children and others with special needs who cannot tolerate a mask). For these children, in-person attendance at school might provide a significant benefit that outweighs the risks. We will evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis.

Anyone who would like to request a mask exemption should schedule an appointment (which can usually be done by telemedicine) for evaluation of the medical justification for the exemption and a discussion of the risks associated with attending school without a mask.