Phone Call and Portal Message Financial Policy

Due to the Coronavirus, we have increased the care we provide through telephone calls and portal messaging. Many insurance companies pay for these services, so our financial policy now does include a charge to your insurance plan for calls and portal messages.

Some things to know about how this works:

  • The amount of the charge is based on the length of the call or the time it takes to answer the portal message, with the charge based on rates set by the federal government
  • Most will be charged at the lowest time category, which will be $22 for phone calls and $23 for portal messages
  • These charges will usually be steeply discounted by the insurance companies so the actual payment will typically be significantly less
  • If the communication is about an office visit within the last 7 days or leads to a visit in the next 24 hours, then there is no charge
  • Only 1 phone call per week will be billed for any specific issue

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