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Identifying Allergy Symptoms in Children: A Parent's Handbook

Rashes, itchy skin, and sneezing are all symptoms kids might develop when they are allergic to something. Allergic reactions can be caused by many different factors. Once your child’s specific Read More

Understanding Ear Infections in Children: What Parents Need To Know

Anyone can develop an ear infection, but they affect kids far more often than teens or adults. Children are more susceptible to developing ear infections due to their small ear Read More

From Fever to Flu: What To Expect During a Sick Visit With Your Pediatrician

A sick visit, commonly known as an acute care appointment, is a medical consultation addressing sudden health concerns or illnesses in children. These appointments are crucial when a child exhibits Read More

Building Blocks of Health: Why Well-Child Visits Are Essential for Your Child's Development

A well-child visit is part of pediatric healthcare, providing a comprehensive assessment of a child's growth, development, and overall health. These routine check-ups, recommended by healthcare providers, offer an opportunity Read More

Vaccines 101: Common Questions and Concerns Addressed

Vaccination Advocates in Tucson Mesquite Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ, is directed by three amazing pediatric doctors: Dr. Jeff Couchman, Dr. Susan McMahon, and Dr. Nicole Abdy. Our medical doctors are well-versed Read More

Adolescent Sleep Disorders: Recognizing and Treating Issues

Sleep is crucial for children because it's like a superhero for their growing bodies and developing brains. When your little one sleeps, they're not just recharging their batteries; they're also Read More

Dietary Guidelines for Children of Different Ages: Toddlers to Teens

Proper nutrition is a crucial component of a child's physical and cognitive development. As your child grows and their nutritional needs change, you need to understand how to provide a Read More

Adolescent Asthma: Managing Symptoms and Triggers

Dr. Jeff Couchman, Dr. Nicole Abdy, and Dr. Susan McMahon see patients daily at Mesquite Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ, for various diseases and illnesses, including asthma. Our three experienced, skilled, Read More

When To Call the Pediatrician: Recognizing Signs of Serious Illness

When to Call the Pediatrician: Recognizing Signs of Serious Illness It’s easy for your child to get sick because your child’s immune system is not as developed as yours. When your Read More

How To Choose The Right Pediatrician

Leading the Way for Quality Childcare Health in Tuscon, AZ Mesquite Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ, is home to Dr. Jeff Couchman, Dr. Susan McMahon, and Dr. Nicole Abdy. Our doctors lead Read More

Know the Signs of Mental Health Issues in Children

Leading the Way in Pediatrics Medicine in Tucson, AZ Tucson, AZ, is home to a leading and popular pediatrics clinic, Mesquite Pediatrics. Dr. Jeff Couchman, Dr. Susan McMahon, and Dr. Nichole Read More

What To Expect During Vision and Hearing Screenings

What To Expect Durning Vision and Hearing Screenings If you as an adult wear glasses or contacts, you very likely remember the first time you wore them as a kid, and Read More

When Should I Call the Pediatrician for My Sick Toddler?

Knowing when is the right time to call your pediatrician for a sick toddler is something that many parents struggle with. You don't want your pediatrician to think you are Read More

Vaccinations for Preventative Care

At Mesquite Pediatrics, we believe that vaccinating our patients may be the most important thing we do. We believe that all children should receive the recommended vaccines according to the Read More

Reasons for a Sick-Child Visit

Dealing with a sick child can be difficult. You want to do anything you can to make sure that they’re feeling better as soon as possible. Some sicknesses may require Read More

How Sick Visits Can Help Your Child

Dealing with a sick child can be difficult. You want to do everything you can to ensure that they feel the best that they can, but it’s not always possible Read More

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